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We apologize that we haven't kept in touch as often as we should!   We are doing well and have been in prayer concerning God's will and our focus and working hard with the Quest young women, graduated 6 more new young women, and took them on a spiritual retreat which was so rewarding! Colleen is mentoring them and seeing them regularly and talking through Facebook and messaging almost daily!  We will be keeping the doors open for them to come several times a week now that September has started! 

We now have the sewing and Healing Arts prayer studios open and all set up now!!

Also been still meeting up for mentorship with the 13 SOE youth that have been coming for the last 10 years – they are teens now – so that’s been great –and some new challenges for them all with highschool and family issues – so we all work together – with John helping with cooking and overseeing volunteers – it’s like a ‘MOM AND POP’ atmosphere – which is great for the kids – as most do not have any mom and dad together – and certainly none unfortunately have parents been married as long as we have now – and can still love one another, work and have fun together!! 

Also Colleen has graduated about another 60 some…..women through the beauty school courses – they help to fund some of SOE work – and we also take in and sponsor many who God sends!!   Through the Online School website platform she is  teaching and reaching more from other countries now….but a few really need more help and support.  So we’ve been praying how to do that and what the Lord has in mind…..

So we are thankful for the Lord's direction and have still been doing all we have been doing - AND now we have a God-sent opportunity to gain the building space of another 2860 square feet - right next door - to our parking lot to  use for expansion of larger classrooms and to permanently set up the WORSHIP ARTS INSTITUTE for Bible school, flag dance studio and outreach training

John will oversee this and Colleen will expand the new BOMBS division - Breakthrough of Ministry Beauty School to reach out and rescue more young women and their families who have become vulnerable to the sex trafficking industry.  So many more and more young teens even I am meeting are being exposed to people and find themselves desperate even for funds for their families and have no where to turn!  We believe and have experienced many women and their families even being healed through the beauty classes, and the arts - they have come to experience healing and come to Christ!  So we are going to focus on this venue - to gain means for expansion and setting up the programs more efficiently, and open up doors to more generous benefactors with new avenues of greater methods of impacting lives for Christ! 

You know how difficult it's been of a journey – like ploughing most of the time - so we feel it is time to go all out focused in this stream. 

The 'BOMBS' we are dropping will rescue women and their families from the darkness of this world..........BOMBS...Breakthrough of Ministry Beauty School.......IT'S TIME!!

We have contacted several Christian Women’s rescue homes in south eastern Ontario and they had already been preparing space for Beauty Rooms - they weren't sure why or how - they would use them - but once I called and spoke and asked if it would be beneficial to their women in their transformation homes - they said YES!! God had already shown them there was healing and HIS touch as the women would experience Beauty from Ashes !  So it was confirmation - and so then the next week I receive information on this building right next door to our Courtyard of the church here!  it's empty and the owner is a local businessman from Austria and is looking for a good tenant like us - he said!! 

So we know it's not by accident - but it is an Esther 4:14 moment ..."for such a time as this!! We have been prepared for this time - and to save a generation that should know HIM and His goodness!! amen!!  ok - well here is the update in case you don't get it automatically sent to you.....

Thank you for your prayers - we feel them strengthen us so greatly!   We need your prayers and support now more than ever!  We have direction and focus and appreciate your partnership, suggestions and help in anyway you can! 

God bless you all!  


John & Colleen

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It's hard to believe how fast the year has gone by.  It reminds us of how important it is to make every day count and to stay encouraged!  We are thankful for all the encouragement and support we receive from those near and far!  We love being in the new location here connected to The Water's Edge and we pray for great blessings upon our landlord - he and his family have been excellent to us.  We are so thankful for everyone who has been a part of the first year here!!  

We would like to share some of the recent highlights of the last little while which are adding some fresh coals to the fire of what SOE, QUEST and Worship Arts Institute are all about!!

• Spirit of Excellence has been Raising Up Young Leaders since 2003 officially, formed as a Registered Charity, and we began nearly 4 decades now! 

• We've trained thousands of women and young people How to Discover their Potential and ministered to many women who were involved and caught up in the sex trade industries! 

•   NOW we are focusing and dropping this new  "BOMBS" to positively impact more women and create an empowered, positive future for their families!  SOE's 'BOMBS'  expansion will raise up and train rescued women from the Sex Trafficking Industry through beauty career training, spiritual healing, discipleship, releasing their creativity and provide mentorship support! 

• Co-Founder and Director Colleen Kosti – is Award Winning Nail and Makeup Expert – already trained thousands of women as Beauty Professionals, since starting her journey teaching at St. Clair College in 1979! 

• NOW it is time to drop the BOMBS (Breakthrough of Ministry Beauty School) -  expand and rescue vulnerable women through training them in Beauty, Ministry and BREAKING THEM INTO THEIR NEW LIFE, NEW CAREERS AND NEW FOUND BEAUTY!  

• Your partnership with supporting this 'BOMBS' expansion will help hundreds of thousands of vulnerable women become strong, gain Godly wisdom and fulfill God's will for their livesl!! 

• Let's join forces together to drop BOMBS (or actually throw some positive Ministry empowered BOMBS - and make a dent in the exploitation of vulnerable young women who may often end up involved and sex trafficked and rescue these women to provide them a future! 

• Together we can reach hundreds of thousands more women and give them a hand to break into their destiny!






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