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    $75,000 OTF grant:  December 2006

     – $75,000 grant awarded from Ontario Trillium Foundation to increase the number of children at risk participating in free after-school and weekend life-skills and leadership programs in a low-income neighbourhood of Windsor.

  2. Government of Canada Youth Employment strategy:  May – August 2007 $67,000

    – employment grant:  SOE obtains grants to employ youth and provides opportunities for under served youth to work at Spirit of Excellence Centre as well as volunteer opportunities for individuals from the community. Colleen Kosti obtained one year a grant for $67,000 in img_20161120_122009 img_20161120_121947employment funds for the summer to hire 12 students from University and High school students from disadvantaged areas.  The students were trained to assist and lead areas of Camp Excellence – developing skills in health, fitness, personal care and grooming, singing, dancing, etiquette, healthy meals, serving, drama, and literacy for the most awesome huge summer program ever at SOE!

  3. Through the community needs, and the amazing support of grant funds Camp Excellence lesson plans were documented and built to more than  900 lesson plans using the arts, literacy, etiquette and leadership skills! 

    Through partnership with University of Windsor – SOE hired staff for this 16 week employment / job experience creation grant and pulled of this amazing successful Curriculum project.
    This is a successful kids summer camp and after school programs, and has served the community of the inner city of Windsor for over 7 years through providing hundreds of free healthy meals, hundreds of children interactive, fun lessons and games developing life skills of excellence, creative arts instruction and leadership courses for children and teens.

    Being located in this neighbourhood community really gave another dimension to Spirit of Excellence’s identity, establishing SOELIT, Spirit of Excellence Leaders In Training program, which was awarded a $75,000 grant from Ontario Trillium Foundation. This OTF grant provided the resources to purchase Multi-media equipment, Bose sound system, Apple computers, SOE Flag Co. dance costumes, awards, banquets and musical instruments, and program materials for three years. This grant is a result of over 30 years experience in imparting self-esteem building programs for children and young women using life skills as well as beauty, personal image and vocational training courses.


    4.  Over three years received nearly $200,000 employment grants through Youth Opportunities strategies for summer youth staffing from the Ministry of Youth and Social Services.

    5.  University of Windsor Social Work School – SOE was a field placement agency for 3   years. 

    SOE provided overseeing supervision, reporting, and evaluation under the guidance of a Field placement volunteer Masters degreed social worker.  Mrs. Kosti created adult women’s programs for daytime curriculum for the U of W social work students to assist in facilitating.

    6.  $4780 grant May 31, 2008 Celebrity Hollywood Tea Party / Art of Shoe Event:

    This amazing, and prestigious event was the most exciting grant ever!  Local business own Stephanie Cence  in collaboration with Celebrities ‘Chris Noth’ of Sex in the City, ‘Eric Bogosean’ Actor Law and Order, movie actor and other actors from the Television Show Sopranos.  Gala Fund raising event for Spirit of Excellence.  SOE Flag Company was featured flag dance company for the afternoon kids Hollywood Tea Party and evening Hollywood Actors Art of Shoe Event with Sarah Jessica Parker at the Windsor Art Gallery.  SOE kids will never forget their rides in the limousines there and back!!

    7.  $3,000 grant Rose City Ford: 

    Local business owner Ford City Rose Auto Dealership chose Spirit of Excellence for their 30 year anniversary grant donation $3000.

8.  $3,000 grant from Fulger Transportation, Ltd. 

September 2016 Spirit of Excellence won their Charity’s choice of the month Facebook competition.



  • January 2014, Spirit of Excellence created their Online School Platform and launched the school internationally in January 2014  with  42 students registering and have been trained using this Online School platform from as far as Ecuador, India and across the USA and Canada.  Through the KBI school hundreds of women have received free training and materials, in part or in full to provide them the opportunity for an enjoyable new career.
    This technology allows women to work from their homes, and at their own pace, and complete their education in a manner that allows them the flexibility they need.
  • 2012 Member of Canada Helps – Canada’s platform for donating and fundraising online for Canada Approved Charities.  Trusted by Canadians and charities for over 16 years.
  • Incorporated as a non-profit organization in June 2003, Canada Revenue Agency approved Registered Charity in October 2007 (backdated for the entire year – took a year for the CRA paperwork to come)
  • Canada Revenue awarded Spirit of Excellence this title:  as a Philanthropic Seminary of Learning and Canada Revenue Approved Registered Charity. CRA Charity # 88310 6809 RR0001
  • Spirit of Excellence has been accepted as  a member and Style Consultant September 2016 at an International Image Association based in Australia.  This is a strengthening partnership, providing many resources, internationally for their women’s training programs.
  • Spirit of Excellence Flag Company:  SOE Flag Company has performed at over 200 community events and abroad, with audiences as large of 40,000 performing at the Roger’s Center, Toronto, Ontario.  The flag dance company is the SOE flagship and provides inspiration, mentorship, education and resources are given to young woman of all ages, as they gain personal fitness, discipline, and creative expression.  SOE Flag Company message is communicated and the members activated in their gifts through dramatic expressions with public speaking, poetry, sharing and volunteerism, the being a member of the Spirit of Excellence Flag Co. as they participate through flag twirling, dance and tambourines with streamers and attend community events and learn to give back and build the world around them.
  • We Will Dance @ Heaven's Rehearsal Rogers Centre

    SOE FLAG COMPANY performed We Will Dance @ Heaven’s Rehearsal Rogers Centre 40,000 audience

  • February 2015 Moved Spirit of Excellence into new location at The Water’s Edge Event Centre – in the former Rectory of Our Lady of the Rosary Church