Helped Spirit of Excellence Continue to Change Lives and
Raise Leaders in Windsor’s Historic District of Ford City.
Spirit of Excellence has spent the past 10 years providing poverty relief through education, counseling, and food programs; helping children and families develop important entrepreneurial and leadership skills; and promoting the arts.

We currently have 5 women we have taken into the Beauty School and are providing help or total sponrship with their tuition, uniforms, classroom materials and supply kits. KBI is the women’s beauty school division of our Charity ‘Ministry of Role Modeling the Spirit of Excellence’, Inc. All donations to Spirit of Excellence receive Canada Revenue Approved Income Tax Receipts for monetary and goods in kind donations.

Here are a few of the women and videos from them! Your donations – large and small will all add up to support these women in their life skills and Career training at Spirit of Excellence.
This is Jen – she has been at SOE since 2014 just before Christmas in the mentorship Queen Esther School and now volunteers wherever she can lend a helping hand. SOE is providing her support, and the mentorship to build her confidence and a positive environment to grow in and get back into society. Jen is in the Nail Technician Diploma course and already has plans to open a small salon in a friends boutique downtown Windsor. Her tuition and supplies are $2500.

Your generosity can help their mission continue in one of Windsor’s neediest neighbourhoods.

In 2015 SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE will be doing more Outreaches to Raise Up Young Leaders
and provide for them the resources and mentorship needed to develop life and leadership skills.

What makes SOE a great investment in community transformation?

A gift made to Spirit of Excellence is truly a gift that will keep on giving.

Glimpses of SOE’s work in mentoring, and raising up leaders – who will give back in return. 

* Children from the SOE programs have continued into their teens, becoming Spirit of Excellence Leaders in Training (SOELIT program). They help as peer mentors, classroom assistants, and volunteers at the SOE Centre, receiving job preparation, references, and job opportunities. To date over 200 children have been personally assessed and sponsored into the core programs of SOE. Nearly 1,000 have attended SOE Outreaches. This program won a $75,000 OTF grant.

* The SOE Flag Dance Co. consists of local youth and young adults from the community and has performed at over 150 local community events, including performances at schools, on television, and at festivals to audiences as large as 40,000. SOE participants have found these events to be life-changing!

* SOE Entrepreneurial: Graduating more than 1550 women as certified professionals from our professional Nail Tech and Makeup Artistry courses, a division of our Charity, building entrepreneurial skills and opportunities for employment and new careers. Through donations from organizations and community members, SOE has been able to provide $30,000 in scholarships, as well as supplies and free or very low tuition for women who normally couldn’t afford to go back to school and take training.  Graduates give back to the community as they gain skill experience through volunteering at SOE Women Spa events where we provide ‘Refresh Spirit-Soul-Body Spa’ events for women in need and to the general community.

* SOE Give backs: 43 young moms attended regularly free SOE luncheons, pampering spa treatment days and various special MOMs educational events, where they received instruction from family counselors, nurses, and health practitioners, as well as free clothing, baby supplies, and other needed items.

* During the Ford City Arts & Culture Heritage Fest 2012, 2013, and 2015 SOE hosted youth and adult events in dance, live music, and interactive activities. We also participated in National Youth Arts Week in May 2013, and 2014. In response to a request from the city of Windsor, SOE organized and hosted 13 arts events for youth citywide, with seven local professional artists instructing. 

These programs and events are only a glimpse of SOE’s work in mentoring and community transformation. Our work enables young people and adults to better their lives and futures, reaching a place where they are able to give back to society and especially their own community.                         


1)  by phone through credit card:  +1 226-787-3328,
2)  in person or by mail to:   SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE, INC., 229 Cadillac St., Windsor, ON, N8Y 2S8
3)  email transfer:

4) Donate online now:

We thank you for your partnership as we work to see our city transformed and Inspire Youth, Women and Creative Artists to Live a Life of Excellence!

This is Titi – she is a single mom. Titi is very creative and is a hairstylist already, but has needed an advocate to get the licensing to complete her Hairstyling Certiciation and find emplyment. Director Colleen Kosti is helping her with the paperwork and providing location to complete the 1500 intern hourse. She is also taking her training in Esthetics. So far she has completed Certification in one course and working on completing the rest of the Beauty School Diploma. Her training tuition and supplies needed are $3800.

This is Melissa – she’s a single mom and now has a secoond serious problem – needing surgery from a car accident – she was hit by a drunk driver! Donations are needed to support Melissa as she has to start over from a house fire she had this spring. She was going to sign up at the end of this month to take additional certification at Kosti Beauty Institute Online School – You can support her by donating directly to the charity and we will still train her and provide all that she needs. Now she needs to get her courses started and completed in time before her Back surgery is scheduled. With these new skills, she will be able to sit down and work, rather than having to do massages that she is currently trained in. Donating to Melissa’s scholarship fund will provide her the additional training here at KBI Online in services that she can do while healing from the surgery
Melissa’s KBI Course and supplies needed is $499. This will give her certification in a service that she can do sitting down while building strength and healing.