Queen Esther's Girls QUEST for Life – ages 9-13

This is an inside/outside beauty, etiquette and leadership program for girls aged 9 to 13.  Girls will discover their value in God’s eyes, and build confidence through creative expression, crafts, lessons in personal care, etiquette, and friendship.  Proverbs 3:14,15 says; “I am more valuable than silver and gold.  I am more precious than rubies, all that can be desired cannot compare with me.”
We will use Scripture to find out their value in God’s eyes and have fun learning how to care for their body, hair and nails, as well as expressing themselves creatively through journaling, art, dance, drama and positive conversations.  No tuition will be charged for this session as we have received a generous offering from a local church to help support our mandate in reaching out to young women.  Donations can be given to help provide ongoing growth to reach this whole community of pre-teen girls as we provide healthy snacks, crafts, flags and streamers and t-shirts for the girls.

This Queen Esther Session is 6 weeks long, every Tuesday from 4:00=6:00pm held at New Song Church.  reserve here – space is limited

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.