QUEST for Life and Young Womanhood – Support a girl as they grow in grace and faith! Your $25 will empower a Young Teen Girl today!

SPONSOR A TEEN GIRL! QUEST for Life and Young Womanhood prepares teen girls for handling life’s issues and making good choices based on Biblical spiritual guidance.
This group of girls have already been a part of SOE over the last 8 – 10 years and and new young women are now growing up beautifully through this weekly time of cooking, mentoring and teaching. SUPPORT A GIRL HERE

We are being a support to them as we cook together, clean up, have healthy conversations, and get to talk about life’s issues, good times and bad times, and strengthening their faith!
Tuesdays right after school 3:30 until 6 pm – 6 Weeks
– we will have some job training time
– then have dinner together
– then a music, singing worship and
– prayer fellow shipping time!

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.