The Ministry of Role Modeling the Spirit of Excellence, Inc. (SOE) is the product of John and Colleen Kosti’s twenty-five year passion to develop potential and relieve poverty of all kinds:

  • Economic
  • Social
  • Spiritual

SOE works within the urban community of Ford City business district Windsor, Ontario, Canada and with artists and professionals worldwide to develop potential through the creative arts, beauty arts, vocational / entrepreneurial skills, personal image, healthy living, and spiritual guidance. Founded in June 2003, SOE purchased the Spirit of Excellence Creativity Training Centre in 2005. This beautiful historic structure (originally Morris Dry Goods Store from the 1940s) encompasses nearly 8,000 square feet and is located within the urban community of Ford City in Windsor, Ontario. The Ministry of Role Modeling the Spirit of Excellence is a non-profit organization, Philanthropic Seminary of Learning, Canada Revenue Approved Registered Charity # 88310 6809 RR0001.

John and Colleen Kosti are educators, musicians, artists and ordained ministers. Their desire to work as urban missionaries and creative artists brought them to realize the need for a place where their own daughters, and other creative young people could be accepted and encouraged to discover, develop and express their creativity and talents, and thus the Spirit of Excellence Creativity Training Centre was birthed! John and Colleen began their life together in full time business in beauty and education, owning a salon and school opening these since her days as an instructor at the college. Through their life journey they graduated from Bible School, took family counseling courses, which led to full time mission work, pastored a children’s department at a church in Michigan. After returning to Windsor they founded SOE and then shortly after miraculously obtained buildings in the historical Ford City Windsor.

At Spirit of Excellence, we believe that every young person is a diamond possessing tremendous inherent worth. Our goal is to bring out their dazzling potential as we inspire a lifestyle of excellence!

A Registered Charity committed to Discovering, Developing & Activating Potential-Releasing Creativity-Relieving Poverty! Training for youth developing leadership & life skills of Excellence – through the Arts, Music and a Lifestyle of Excellence!

Spirit of Excellence’s programs bring in young people from all ethnic, economic, and educational backgrounds. Sponsorship and scholarship programs enable students from underprivileged areas to participate fully. At SOE, we are all on the same team !

Within Windsor’s urban community, we have provided mentoring in the creative arts (including writing, dance, acting, music, drumming, flags, and more) and in personal and professional skills (including image & poise, communication & public speaking, hygiene, cosmetology, computer skills, and working with media).

The Spirit of Excellence Creativity Training Centre services the Windsor, Ontario, area, specifically the Drouillard Road neighbourhood, Windsor-Essex County as well as International Students through their newly developed SOE & KBI ONLINE COURSES.

Today, founders Colleen & John Kosti are going beyond the urban community to take the vision and expertise of SOE around the globe.