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New Horizons-bringing new technology & Opportunities

Wow have you every felt like your were missing out or behind all the action – maybe in your circle of friends, church or family events and happenings?

Yes I believe we all have been there, at one time or another…but patience and perseverance is the way to endure, and choosing not to take it personal – we aren’t left out of things intentionally! Most of the time people haven’t a clue! It just happened that someone misses out – we can’t be involved in everything – actually who wants to be? It would be crazy busy!!

But through love, faith and patience – we will see the breaking of new dreams coming on the horizons for us! God’s word encourages us to not give up! (Galations 6:9) “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up!”
I am happy to share that I have not given up – despite many rejections, which weren’t intentional – just happened to make me feel like I didn’t fit in…wasn’t wanted, or appreciated! Yes like I said – we all have felt that way! But through good people (mostly internationally) and a few good local friendships – they have always helped me to look over, around and out of the box – so that I could increase my vision – and have faith that ‘with God – all things are possible’. That may not turn out the way we think – but if we have the wisdom and heart of God’s Kingdom, HE will take us on a marvelous journey – painfully refining at times, actually often, but well worth the golden, refining process. THE CRUCIBLE – IT IS a HOT MESS AT TIMES – a fiery furnace!!

With new contacts and connections coming on board at SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE, fixing up and providing technology improvements, I am able to move forward on globally reaching out to more women and their families – with training, opportunities and provide spiritual and personal guidance! Am I exactly where I think I want to be? NO but am I trusting in God that HE has me in the right place? YES – it’s not about what we want – but about our relationship with HIM – Our loving heavenly father – and others – that really matter! It’s all about our intimacy with HIM and our hearts growing in grace and truth!

So be encouraged today! Don’t be flaky, but be visionaries! Have faith and get wise counsel! Act out of motivation from the KING OF KINGS – His Kingdom – is Righteousness, Peace and Joy!

Follow peace today and get out of that box! Blessings to you.

New improvements have enabled KBI to go Internationally with more new Training Courses! Here’s a few pics of an Online Eyelash Extension Training with Melissa – new student from way up northern Ontario!


SOE NEW Collection or original designs in our silk scarves, prayer mantles, shawls and now clothing garments will be released at our Open House in August!

We are very excited about the expansion, and new opportunities it is creating for SOE in the line being carried in boutiques, artisan shows, providing increased support and visibility in the community.    Check back soon for hours of the SOE STORE and other details!

You can see items being added daily in our STORE and SHOP today online to place your order.

Spirit of Excellence Creativity Training Centre is actively, daily creating!

Creating NEW EMPOWERED LIVES – and NEW pieces of ART – wearable Art!  Your purchases and orders online and in the SOE Store benefit and empower our creative artists and the young people we mentor at Spirit of Excellence programs, providing scholarships and healthy meal program offered freely at all our events, courses and workshops.

Thank you for your support – enjoy your shopping at SOE – Get the Spirit!  The Spirit of Excellence!

Director Colleen Kosti, is a visual artist, dance & beauty educator and creates the SOE Collection of original, one of a kind Hand painted silk garments and jewelry items for the store. Her expertise in activating artisans, has gathered together a team of students and artisans who volunteer to join the team to add to the SOE Book Store items.

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John Kosti Blog – Vignettes from JK

Glad you are listening to one of my “JK Vignettes”……I’m an Urban Missionary, versatile drummer, humorous communicator, minister, loving husband and grand-father of 5…
I started drumming at 18 and my passion is to see young people, musicians and creative artists encouraged and developed in their talents and to provide for them the opportunities to create original music, places to activate and grow their strengths and have a means of inspiration from other experienced legends and experts. My wife Colleen has a gift of meeting people from all around the world, and many like-minded creative artists, famous recording artists have come to visit us at SOE our training centre and do creative projects together! We are thankful for this favour and desire to inspire other creatives to dream big and never give up! With God all things are possible – and with a lot of work and faith – you will find your purpose, and the mission for your life!
You are invited to come visit Colleen and I, and the SOE family at our Ministry of Role Modeling the Spirit of Excellence located in Windsor, Ontario Canada – or join us online for our regular ONLINE WORKSHOPS or Web Streaming.