The Training Centre

At Spirit of Excellence, we strive to enable young people to enhance their lives, leading by example and letting them know they are not limited to their surroundings or circumstances—they can be resourceful—they can achieve that dream!

We work with artists and professionals, locally and globally, to help young people discover their unique, God-given creativity and develop mastery and leadership skills in a creative, safe, confidence-building environment.

Spirit of Excellence’s programs bring in young people from all ethnic, economic, and educational backgrounds. Sponsorship and scholarship programs enable students from underprivileged areas to participate fully. At SOE, we are all on the same team!

Within Windsor’s urban community, we have provided mentoring in the creative arts (including writing, dance, acting, music, drumming, flags, and more) and in personal and professional skills (including image & poise, communication & public speaking, hygiene, cosmetology, computer skills, and working with media).

Far more than just another after-school program, we train students in the building blocks of life!

The Spirit of Excellence Creativity Training Centre services the Windsor, Ontario, area, specifically the Drouillard Road neighbourhood. Today, founders Colleen & John Kosti are going beyond the urban community to take the vision and expertise of SOE around the globe

Spirit of Excellence is Raising Up Leaders in the Heart of the Urban District of Ford City, Windsor, Ontario Canada.


This video is an overview of Founders 28 years of their life in an 8 minute video – sharing the reason for Founding the Ministry of Spirit of Excellence and the creative combination of Music, Arts, Beauty and Leadership Life Skills forming this Non-profit Charity and Training Centre.

This is a video we made again ourselves with teaching the kids how to speak, interview, share, edit media and work together! Thanks to our amazing Media Tech/Youth Director and Musician AaronGTV for heading up another great video project and instructing the Media Camp program for our Summer Camp Excellence!