Booking Details


  1. Request a date for a workshop, speaking engagement, please use the form below and write in your Conference date/s and any customized requests you may like for your event.
  2. Non-refundable deposit is required at the time of confirmation from SOE on the booking date and details.
  3. Booking dates are not considered reserved until deposit is received
  4. Written confirmation of outline of workshop, theme, materials and details will be sent and signature and notations made and returned back to SOE by email.
  5. Payment link will be sent by email with instructions on payment methods.
  6. We require the approximate number of participants for some of the Theme Workshops, and material costs at least 3 weeks in advance, in addition to the booking deposit.
  7. For out of the city of Windsor Workshop Bookings we ask for travel, food and accommodation (if needed) for Colleen and her prayer / workshop traveling assistant.Thank you for considering
    Ministry of Role Modeling the Spirit of Excellent for                                                                                              your Conference or event
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