Praise Dance

e) Beauty of Holiness Praise Movement Workshop:  This is an interactive – sit and watch or participate Teaching Workshop.
              Worship  Minister Colleen Kosti is a certified Worship and Dance, Flag, Tambourine Instructor with Masters certification in Manhattan, New York, from Shahach Ministries International  where she was trainedDallas Texas beginning in 1991 and completing certification in 1999, and Dancing for Him Ministries, Florida.   read more

  • She has been mentored and trained privately and in Ballet and Modern and Liturgical classes under Dr. Sherrill Piscopo, studying from 1985 – 1994 at the School of Dance at Evangel Christian Churches in Roseville, and Troy Michigan Professional dance studios, since 1985.
  • Large groups will be blessed and enjoy this short teaching on the Biblical study of Worship, Praise and Dance and then all join together to learn a few interpretive movements and use their favourite item of praise (streamers, flags, silk fans, scarf) or simply their hands to finish off the workshop with a beautiful Choreography Dance.
  • Timing: 45-90 mins in total for any size group. 
    Cost: $1 per person material print cost + SOE Ministry Honarium.  
  • Each participant will receive a handout on Biblical meaning of Flags, Dance, Banners, and Symbolic Colours with scriptures.
  • Each participant may choose to use a SOE loaner worship streamer for the choreography dance a worship tool such as a streamer, flag, silk fan or scarf to try it out and enjoy during the final group dance together.