Silk Painting

 Silk Painting Flag, Streamer and Scarf Making is available for small and large groups. It is very uplifting, lots of fun and even therapeutic for women of all ages – as they discover how creative they are, as we are all made in the Image of God – the Master Artisan and Creator of All Beautiful Things Ephesians 2:10

  • The women are renewed, refreshed and inspired as they release their creativity on silk and end up with an amazingly, beautiful silk scarf to wear, or streamer / flag for their personal worship!
  • After a drying time of the silk pieces it is wonderful to experience a MOVEMENT DANCE TEACHING or a Praise Fashion Show with the ladies modeling their Beautiful, New Creations!!Join one of our monthly work-shops at Spirit of Excellence or book your own group for your Women’s Conference or special event.
  • DETAILS:  The time needed for this type of workshop is a minimum of 1 hour -3 hours.  One -1.5 hour is needed for the painting, creation time, then the painted silk can be left to dry – while the women attend the next workshop – or have lunch break.   We can come back to view their finished item, or make it a 3 hours workshop and after painting we do a group time learning a Praise Dance with streamers or flags, then come back to view their finished Beautiful Silk Creation!
    It is fun to put on the PRAISE FASHION SHOW at the end of a conference day or in the Lunch Break to let the ladies show off their Silk Creations – and Unique, Individuality and Beauty!! 
  •  COST:  $10 materials cost per person + Ministry Honorarium (larger items such a long streamers are $15-20 and Flags $20-40 per person depending on if you want lettering, rods etc.)
  •   Colleen and assistant/s will come, instruct in techniques and conduct the Interactive “Be Creative-Beautiful You” Silk Painting Scarf/Streamer with a minimum number of participants .  We ask for an offering / honorarium to Spirit of Excellence Ministry Training Centre.
  • We need tables covered with white, plastic dollar store table coverings/plastic roll provided and paper towel roll for every 2-6 tables – we supply all other materials.   Access to water is needed or let us know if not so we will bring large containers.
  • Space wise, it averages one 6-8 foot table for every 3-4 participants or for those who can use the floor – they can paint on the floor areas, covered with large garbage bags, or plastic paint tarps.  Or outside or covered floors we can use drying racks also to paint on for large groups – we have many already we bring.