Treasures of Wisdom

  “Treasures of Wisdom”  Colleen will share her Wisdom Treasures from her beautiful wood carved Treasure Box!  She’ll teach and tell a bit of the store of Queen Esther – an ordinary girl who did Extraordinary Feats!  Esther has been her role model since she was a young girl, and Colleen has written her Year long Finishing School Curriculum after Esther’s Life Story and her example of grace, beauty, and etiquette and the favour it brought her!

  •   This can be a fun filled interactive quick 15 minute lesson on Character building Truths with ‘WISDOM TREASURE’ jewels and game cards handed out providing Icebreaking & game like interaction – or
  • this Practical yet interesting talk can be developed into a speaking engagement message for young and older women bringing inspiration and challenge to WALK INTO THEIR DESTINY!  No matter what the circumstances or disadvantages and challenges we may face – we can all be an Esther – a rising star!   Esther 4:14
  • Timing: 15 – 30 – 45 mins in total for any size group. 
    Cost: $0 – 5 – $10 (adjustable as per your budget per person) depending on your desired option of Queen Esther Treasure Bag, a Take Home of beauty treasures and a beautiful POLISHED STONE
  • SOE Ministry Honarium in addition to the booking deposit