Flag Workshops

Flag Workshops are centered around mentoring Christian leadership, developing a life of worship, life skills, fitness, teamwork and developing personal expression, releasing creativity, inspiring a life of excellence and worship unto the Lord Jesus Christ.
Using the Art of Flag Twirling and it’s Biblical Teachings, students are inspired as they lift up the banner of the Lord, learn the disciplines of scripture memory drills with the flags, and choreography.

SOE’s flag classes are for everyone, usually starting as young as ages 7 and up thru to adults and seniors.   Some younger, special needs and older youth and adults are the best to really develop the ART OF FLAG TWIRLING, but everyone loves to learn.
Flag Twirling Training builds teamwork, and the program is for fitness, fun and discovering personal expression & spiritual growth.   Flag twirling classes instill confidence, scripture memory, co-ordination, developing positive friendships, and building self esteem.
SOE Students may participate throughout the year in presentations at community events and SOE Concerts.

Coordination, team spirit, dance and performance skills emerge as flag students are taught to twirl flags and strengthen their muscles, physically AND Spiritually as we all grow together in Christian worship, knowledge of Biblical meanings and how to use our bodies to communicate with the universal language of Dance and Movement!

Flag Workshop fees vary depending on materials chosen, workshop style and size of group!   Our mandate is to Raise Up Worshipers – so nothing will limit us from coming to you and Lifting Up The Banner of the Lord with you!!! Schedule Appointment

So contact us to START LIFTING UP THE BANNERS!!  Isaiah 13:2 commands us to:   “Lift up a banner upon the high mountain, raise the voice unto them, wave the hand, that they may go into the gates of the nobles.”

1)  Adult Workshops: 
Focus on gaining freedom and basic movements with using Quill Worship Flags, hand – painted silk, beautiful and colourful flowing fabric.
– This type of flags are easy to use in small spaces and to learn and are very uplifting even if you don’t know how to do anything – just waving them from side to side releases the Spirit of Praise!
– Basic body positions, hand movements and flag rudiments are introduced.   Participants will leave feeling liberty and freedom to use worship tools for their personal expression in worship and with an understanding of the Spiritual power and scriptures behind Worship and Movement Arts ministry.

Introducing flag worship with your music service time
of your VBS or KIDS camp is a wonderful addition that they will love and look forward to each day!
– Master Flag Instructor (Level 4 – Advanced) and Director Colleen Kosti, and a few of the SOE Alumni Flag Troupe Youth leaders will come and add energy and inspiration to your daily kids song time!
We can bring our own loaner flags to hand out, or
– do a workshop helping the kids to all make and decorate their own take home flag!

    Flag making, decorating and teaching the scripture movements of the flags can be a daily part to fill in your day for your KIDS CAMP!
– We can come daily, or we can come just once to do a special performance with our Troupe for your kids inspiration and entertainment.
– We can minister to your kids through sharing Biblical teachings in:
– Why God Created Banners / Flags
– Why Worship
– Biblical Meanings of Colours
– Styles of Movement
ALL in a creative, hands-on fun filled way with YOUTH LEADERS examples!

3)   Flag Corp Training:   Fast Twirling Baton flag poles and flags are used for this athletic, powerful Flag Company style ‘Army of God’ Troup!   This type of flag training builds strength and shoulder muscles, as well as flexibility in the wrists!   There’s nothing more breathtaking than this ‘Army of God’ style fast flag twirling.
–  This style of Flags is suited to Young Adults, especially the guys – both male and female!!  It can be very athletic and skillful – it’s not for the weak at heart!

4)  Warfare Twirling Flags is a Fast Twirling Baton Flag Christian program that is universal, world wide in it’s rudiments so that teams of adults and youth from all across the world can come together in unity for special events and outreaches.
–  Warfare Twirling Flag students will progress through the 4 levels of flag syllabus, earning medals, and awards of their accomplishments, and then be skilled in excellence with their rudiments, scriptural meanings of all their flag patterns, and be able to quickly choreograph and flag to songs joining together with many other groups!
This is a program that will carry children and youth through into their teens and adulthood, becoming drill leaders, co-captains, captains and instructors and Alumni members.
– Raising up Active LEADERS  AND WORSHIPERS IN THEIR CHURCH, trained with an Excellent Spirit and equipped to mentor and lead others!