Worship Arts Institute

Worship Arts Institute

  1. Spiritual Guidance for Personal Needs and to develop a more intimate spiritual relationship
  2. Biblical training in Christian Praise and Worship Arts and Christian Living through WAI16675_217398038457592_1021509061_n

The third spiritual component of Spirit of Excellence has always been a main focus, of using the arts to develop personal expression, and for Biblical studies in Ministry through education in the arts.Schedule Appointment

Spirit of Excellence vision is to become an accredited School of Worship Arts for those called to use their creative, musical, written, visual artistic, movement gift for ministry of spreading the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua.  Offering Studies online through the SOE ONLINE WEBSCHOOL, and live streaming classes and at the SOE Windsor Headquarters in:

  1. Urban Missions
  2. Children’s ministry
  3. Market place ministry
  4. Children’s & Family Worship & Prayer Services
  5. Liturgical Dance
  6. Choreography
  7. Pageantry
  8. Starting a church Arts and Dance ministry
  9. Prophetic ministry
  10. Drumming in the church
  11. Dance in the church
  12. Prayer, Intercession, Healing & Deliverance

1969134_217411401789589_2039959414_nWorship Arts Institute branch at Spirit of Excellence presents weekly evening gatherings ‘Worship Prayer Jam’ for those wanting to be musically creative in a setting that allows collaborative, experimentation.   Come to be blessed and to be a blessing.

You may participate as you feel led to;  play an instrument, percussion, sing, or sit and relax to relieve stress, experience healing, pray for others in an atmosphere of releasing creativity and the anointing! Mat 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”1463657_260018327528896_3590763632384818891_n

With a spontaneous flow of Instrumental music, scripture declarations, intertwined with prayer, it is an amazing gathering of fellowship and God’s presence.  Worship Prayer Jams may include expressive art, silk painting, scripture reading, worshiping God with waving flags, creative movement and dance.

You are welcome to bring an instrument and most importantly a heart open to the Lord.

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